Native American Unit : California Tribes


After finishing the Native Tribes of the Pacific Northwest Coast, we headed south to California and the tribes that lived there many years ago.  Our focus was on the Maidu tribe.


We learned about their shelter.

DSC_0088-smallMade a bear rattle.

DSC_0082-small DSC_0081-smallAnd a paper seed wacker.

We read from these books:

  1. DK Eyewitness Books: North American Indians.
  2. Indian Nations of North America.
  3. California Indians. (First Nations of North America.)
  4. Ready-to-Use Activities and Materials on Coastal Indians: A Complete Sourcebook for Teachers K-8.
  5. History Pockets : Native Americans, Grade 1-3.

We mostly based our days and studies on the last two books.  Those are the projects I’m sharing here above with the pictures.  I was trying to keep it shorter than the other two tribe groups we had done (NW Coast and Arctic), because I knew the next one we’d do, would be longer.  It turned out good for everyone.


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