Making : blankets


We went to see some friends a couple of weekends ago.  They have a new house.  We wanted to give them something special, for their new home, something warm.  You know, as a house-warming present.


So I made this blanket for them.


I love using recycled sweaters as something pretty and useful.  I could have my house wall papered in these… I think my family just looks at me, when I either bring more sweaters to felt and re-use, and when I make one more blanket… really!  Who needs so many blankets for each room!

DSC_0024-smallBut we figured.  Our friends have a bigger house now, more space, cooler winter, right?  They needed a blanket, I know!

DSC_0026-smallAnd actually because they bought a bigger house, so they can have their college age daughters live in the downstairs, on a separate unit, I had to make two blankets.  Right? Everybody needs a new blanket!


One for each home is what’s needed.  This blanket, I’ve been knitting for few years.  Three or four years maybe.  I was using all my left over wool from passed projects.  It was so much fun to search and find something to add.  Find another piece and knit.  Not much planning, I love it that way sometimes.  Perfect for my social knitting, when I don’t have to pay attention to what I’m knitting, so I can also talk and pay attention to them.  Just fun knitting.  All knit, no purl, just change color when the ball of yarn is done.  I loved making it!


And some of the yarn I used was yarn I had spun… one of my first ones from many years ago… actually before having kids!


I had a lot of fun.  I think they were really happy to get them too.  We miss our friends, now being further away from us, but they have a little something from our home to theirs that will keep them warm.  Happy House Warming, or maybe Happy Lap Warming!


3 thoughts on “Making : blankets

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela March 6, 2013 / 5:38 pm

      Thank you Little Brown Tomato. They were also really fun to make.
      Thanks for coming to visit us in this little space. I’ll be going back to your blog and read more.
      Thanks for visiting!

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