:: Native Americans Unit: Tlingit + NW Coast :: Part 2

Now, part 2 of our Native American block, with more projects and the book list of (most of) all the books we’ve read and have had as resources.

Studying the Tlingit Tribe and other NW Pacific Coast Tribes, we created few other projects and read more books.  For now, we don’t want to forget all we’ve done, because it’s been a fun couple (3?) months.

We made plank houses.

DSC_7-smallThey each colored and cut and glued the pieces.  It came from this book.

DSC_6-smallAfter making these, we decided we wanted to make another one, but a little bigger one.

plank house 1-smallSo we made these.  The base is a cardboard box (of plastic bags) we had, and then we covered it with popsickle sticks.  We glued the sticks and cut them to fit the boxes.  We got the idea from this website.  Not sure if the Kleenex box fit the popsickle sticks better, but we didn’t have these boxes and decided to make them with these empty ones instead.  I think they turned out fun too.

plank house 2-small

We also made paper Chilkat Blankets, but didn’t take pictures of the making of these.  And now the blankets are up in the kids room, and they are asleep. Will post these pictures later when I have them… sorry!

As we study each geographic area with its Native American Tribes, we’ve been making a small book with all of their written work, coloring and anything else Siena and Lucas would like to add.


We are keeping track the foods, clothing, shelter and tools for all of the tribes, in a chart, so we can go back and remember the basic information and bring back the details, later.  Siena and Lucas are always so excited to get the book put together.  It feels, and it is, a visual way for us to close that chapter and start a new region with new information and activities for new tribes.   It’s been fun.


If the librarians could talk… that would be fun to hear! I know they know exactly what we are doing and learning about.  We get started on a new topic, and here I go researching the library’s website, and putting on hold all the books they have that we could use.  Then we start getting noticed of our books being on hold for us, and there are piles, after piles, for few days.  Their shelves are tight and full of books under our names (thank goodness for the homeschooler’s educator cards!)

Then we change topics, and here we are, walking back to the library with bags full of books, ready to return them, and come back with a new stack of books for us to continue. It’s fun to do this research and being able to use this great, free resource.

Some of the books that we are using for all of the tribes are:

  1. North American Indians: DK Eyewitness.
  2. Make it Work! History Series: Native American Indians. 
  3. American Indian Mythology.
  4. Keepers of the Earth.
  5. Native Plant Stories told by Joseph Bruchac.
  6. Native Americans.
  7. Native American Flags.
  8. Wigwams, Longhouses and Other Native American Dwellings.
  9. The Encyclopedia of Native America.
  10. History Pockets : Native Americans.  I wrote a little about it in my other post, Part 1.
  11. Cut & Make North American Indian Masks in Full Color.
  12. More than Moccasins: A Kid’s Activity Guide to Traditional North American Indian Life.
  13. A Kid’s Guide to Native American History : More than 50 Activities.
  14. Draw Write Now, Book 3: Native Americans, North America, Pilgrims.

Books we’ve used for these tribes in particular (in no specific order either , except going down the pile next to my chair and through my notes):

  1. If you lived with the Indians of the Northwest Coast.
  2. Northwest Coast Indian Designs Stained Glass Coloring Book.
  3. Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest.
  4. Northwest Coast Indians.
  5. Nations of the Northwest Coast.
  6. Frog Girl by Owen Paul Lewis.
  7. Totem Tale: A Tall Story from Alaska.
  8. Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast.
  9. Northwest Coast Indian Art.
  10. Orca’s Family: And more Northwest Coast Stories.
  11. Raven’s Call: And More Northwest Coast Stories.
  12. Salmon’s Journey: And More Northwest Coast Stories.
  13. Eagle’s Reflection: And More Northwest Coast Stories.
  14. People of Salmon and CedarThis book, we loved the drawings done with pencils…. a beautiful book.
  15. Tools of the Native Americans: A Kid’s Guide to the History and Culture of the First Americans.
  16. Ready to Use Activities and Materials on Coastal Indians: A Complete Sourcebook for Teachers K-8.
  17. Tlingit Tales.
  18. The Frog Princess.

I hope you can find something that you can se use in these notes and pictures. It has been a lot of fun for us to study them, and learn a little more of where we live.  We’ve already studied and finished a couple more Native American regions, and will write those notes here as well, so we can go back and remember what we’ve done.  It’s been fun so far!


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