Punchbowl Falls Ride


Last week on our hike we saw these guys hiking ahead of us.  one of them was carrying a kayak.  Besides being amazed that he could hike with that on his back, I didn’t give it much thought.

Until of course, we ended at the falls.


We saw him and his friends by the falls.  Some of his friends on this side of the falls with a video camera and another one taking photos.  We hang out there to see what he was going to do.   He was going to ride the falls. 

We stood there as he got ready, put helmet, suit and everything else he needed.  Rain started to come down, and quite a few of us standing there, a bit under the trees but the water still wetting our cameras.  We waited for few minutes.  We, and few other strangers, watching, waiting.  And yes, he did!  He took his kayak down the 30-35 feet of fall, water-fall!  It looked like fun.

When he came up, after a short steep hike from the river for him with kayak in hand, he’s smiling and excited.  So friendly he was.  Talking and excited shared by all of us watching him.

DSC_0082-smallI asked him if I could take a photo of him and put it on my blog… he was happy I do that.

Not only did he go down that one time, but he went down twice! The second time we saw him come up, he was more tired but as excited .

I asked him if he told his parents what he did on the weekends, and he said: “I just tell my mom I’m kayaking.  Then after I’ve done it I tell her I went down the 80-foot fall and send her the video with it…” 

I was just wondering what our kids will do when they are older… and if I’ll know about them… you know, probably as much as my parents knew about what I did.  Isn’t that how it goes?

Siena and Lucas, and well all of us, and a group of other people, were cheering him, from above, a much safer spot.  But excited to see him go down that beautiful place.  Nice ride!


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