Mark brought me this CD from the library few weeks ago, and I’ve been listening to it.  I love Silvio Rodriguez, and have few of his CDs from a long time ago (college and high school years.)  But they’ve been tucked away for a while.  We tend to get stuck on listening some of the same music for a while, maybe you are the same way.

This CD, has brought me many hours of company lately while typing here my posts, washing the dishes, cleaning the house, or sewing.  But those songs have also brought back so many memories.

Living here in the US for my adult life, sometimes it’s hard to find things to remind me of my “previous life.”  I don’t have a lot of connections here.  All my childhood friends, parents and most of all my relatives, all live in Chile.  No school memories, or even college memories for that matter!  I came here, married, in my twenties, with a new life, ready to start this new adult life.

Having this thing (music) that can take me back 20, 25 years back, to a different time, a different country, continent, a different place, a different life, just in few minutes of singing, it’s pretty funny, and pretty awesome.  I find amazing how your brain can do that.  Something so simple like this, can bring so many feelings and memories.

So now I am ‘getting stuck’ on listening my old CDs. (OK, I know I am dating myself here and sharing too much probably about not moving forward with technology, by saying I listen to CDs instead of having and MP3 player, but oh well…) It’s fun.

And in searching online, I found these great videos of Silvio Rodriguez’s latest concerts and another one of ‘back when.’  Seeing him in concert would be fun to do.  Maybe some day he might just come up this way to sing… though difficult being from Cuba.  But yes, thanks to today’s technology (internet and such), it’s really fun to be able to be there in a sense.


And I think his voice is as good as it was when I was in my college years.


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