She grows

Funny… every time we go to the beach we remember this one picture I took of Siena with Mark, when she was very tiny.  I guess she was probably one and a half, or maybe two years old.  .

We were at the beach.  Mark threw her up to the sky, as light as a feather, as he did sometimes playing around.  She liked that game.  She would laugh and laugh and asked to do it over and over again.


We didn’t realize he was throwing her up so high up.  Siena has always loved extremes (scary to me most people.)  We saw how high it was when we saw this picture.

We’ve tried to take the same picture when we go to the beach each time. I think this is the last one we’ll take. We don’t want serious injuries from either one of them!

DSC_0048 - small

Not as high up as eight years ago.  But almost as much fun for everyone!


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