Treasures at the beach

There’s always something that catches our eyes.

DSC_0009 - small treasures DSC_0015- small treasures DSC_0017 - small treasures DSC_0041 - small treasures DSC_0043 - small treasures DSC_0044 - small treasures DSC_0077 - small treasures DSC_0095 - small treasures DSC_0100 - small treasures DSC_0110-small treasures DSC_0111-small treasures DSC_0130-small treasure DSC_0137- small treasures DSC_0150-small treasures DSC_0157 - small treasures DSC_0171 - small treasures DSC_0173 - small treasures DSC_0178 -small treasures DSC_0277- small treasures DSC_0282-small treasures DSC_0285-small treasures DSC_0302-small treasuresNature is just amazing.



One thought on “Treasures at the beach

  1. Monica January 28, 2013 / 7:45 am

    Parecidos a los mariscos que se ven por el Pacífico-Sur : luche , cochayuyo , picorocos , cholgas , ostiones , algo parecido al erizo …. ¡¡ mhhh! rico rico!!!

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