Making + Doing

These are some of the types of things we’ve been working on.



Yes, lots and lots of drawings and new techniques.  I guess I should say, what Siena and Lucas have been working on.  Drawings.

And don’t want to forget to share this beautiful gift.  Siena made me this present, all by herself! for Christmas.

DSC_0182-smallShe’s so creative and resourceful.  I love it.

And really, it’s been mostly Lucas and Siena making lots of drawings and coloring and creating games and cards and letters.

I, on the other hand, have been in cleaning mode.


To some this might be the Before Picture.  But I should have taken a picture from our before.  This my friends, is a complete organization for this area.

DSC_0014-smallBoxes are labeled.  Things got rearranged and put in their better place and container. DSC_0015-smallThere’s spaces in between things.  Things are not falling.  Card stock paper is handy as it needs to be in times like these.  I’m telling you… there’s lots of drawing going on.

DSC_0016-smallSupplies we don’t use anymore were donated.DSC_0017-smallThat pile of paper you see on top of the shelf… let’s just say that it’s a lot less than we I had before, and right now it’s not falling on top of you.  Total improvement and not life threatening.

DSC_0018-smallHaaa… yes.  I feel like I can find things at the same time than breathe. Life is good here.

And let me just say one more thing.  It took me many days to clean this area up.  I thought I was going to rearrange few things to make those stacks of loose paper stay and not injure anybody, but one thing led to another.  You know, a New Year means clean up the house, rearrange, sew and make new things… at least in my books!  So I did.  But it took me longer than I thought it would.

But even better was that few days later, as I was finally done with my cleaning in the art studio, and I thought we had plans for something fun to do as a family (like relaxing maybe?) I come out to the Art Studio and find this.

DSC_0021-smallSiena had convinced Mark to help her clean up and organize my (very cluttered and dusty) sewing table and wall.


She grouped all those threads of the similar color and stacked them neatly.  She cut the long pieces tangled and rearranged them so they wouldn’t be falling off the shelves every time you looked at them.

DSC_0022-small DSC_0023-smallWe are talking about a couple of hours of cleaning and beautiful organization my daughter gave me.  (I should have had a before photo.)

But as a way to show you a little…

DSC_0025-smallThere were lots of spaces like this… just piles of unfinished projects and supplies that never got put away, let’s say for the past 6 months?  They are just there… waiting for something to happen to them.  Who knows!

DSC_0024-smallWaiting to be cleaned up, refolded, and organized.  (And yes, this is the next task.  The fabric shelf.)

DSC_0026-smallIt really needs help.  I should do it before the rest gets cluttered up again…

DSC_0019-smallBut for now… breathe…. we’ve done lots of work and it looks and feels so good.  I love it.  We all do, really. Now it’s easy to find things we need. It’s not dangerous. It’s mostly exciting to get right into what we want to create instead of maze around unwanted piles.  Haaa… so, so much better.  Thank you.










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