Panda love

Our little girl (OK, not so little I guess) and her love for pandas, we all knew what she’d like.

DSC_0001-small DSC_0002-small DSC_0003-small DSC_0041-small DSC_0042-small

And Lucas has been waiting for over a month for this treasure he found just for his sister!

DSC_0185-small DSC_0189-small

Over a month ago I finally found a fabric that had cute pandas.  It was fleece, and I thought it was perfect for Siena.  She likes all things warm and soft.  I wasn’t sure what to make for her, so I kept it and have been thinking.  Until I knew the perfect gift I could make for her.

DSC_0238-smallSoft pajamas.  Not sure if she wants to wear them all day or all night, she’s been wearing them for both!

DSC_0195-smallAnd something to last her a whole year with beautiful photos to enjoy and fun stuff to keep track.  She’s enjoying all her new pandas…


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