One more year


Today is Mark’s birthday.  We celebrate him turning around the sun one more time.  The best husband and the best friend I could ask for, and the best dad to our kids.  I feel so lucky.

DSC_0173-small DSC_0177-small DSC_0180-small DSC_0182-small

I’ve known Mark since about he looked like this… when he was barely 17.  He was ready for an adventure in his teenage years.  Not sure how we got so lucky, that someone from a small town in Idaho gets placed as an exchange student in a small town in Chile.

DSC_0184-small DSC_0191-smallBut we met, and the rest is a love story.  And I am so lucky to be able to celebrate another year.


dsc_0071-small3Such a cool dad.  Up for anything anytime. We love you for that and so much more!


Happy 44th birthday our ‘big guy’!  We are here to celebrate with you.


2 thoughts on “One more year

  1. Laurie geren December 31, 2012 / 7:42 am

    Oh my how proud we are of our boy!,, thanks for the share. Love M&D

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