The inner bike

OK, so I’ve known I’m a procrastinator, but I think (most of the time) I should embrace it, instead of fight it.  I’ve been thinking for months of what I’d like to make for my son for Christmas.  I’ve had few ideas, but nothing that really called his name.  Until I remembered one of Maya’s posts from last month.

Oh my… I thought THAT was the perfect idea! Really! Reuse, remake, upcycle, recycle, and bike?  What else could I ask?  I went back to read her post and see if I could figure out how to make this reinvented cuff she made with a bike inner tube.

If you’ve been reading what we’ve been up to this fall, and how we celebrated Lucas turning seven, you might have thought this was a great idea too.  Right?

So I headed to see our friend Butch at the bike store and see if he had a spare bike inner tube, needing to be recycled.  He did. So, I came home with one tube to give it a try.

I  cut the valve out and cut a piece long enough that would fit Lucas’s wrist.  I went to my sewing machine as my kids were playing at one of their friends’ house.  I turned my sewing machine and start.  The needle didn’t move a bit! It got stuck and it didn’t give at all!  I put tracing paper underneath, thinking that would help move.  Nope.  I added another piece on top.  Nothing!

Well, I thought.  There goes my idea, and so much for trying.  But then I thought, it’s ‘only’ 5 days before Christmas (plenty of time for trying something new, right?) I have time to figure this out I thought.  I’ll email Maya, and ask her if she could give me pointers on how to sew this thick rubber.  I thought maybe she’d look at my email in her pile of things to do.  Maybe I’d have enough time by the time she answered me.

And you know what?  OK, so I bet Maya has a lot of things in her plate, evening back East, and she has two kids, and I’m sure she’s getting ready for her holidays, and so many other things I can think of.   Not only did she replied to my email within half an hour I had sent it, but she also gave me great pointers on what to try.   It’s like I had a whole class on sewing bike’s inner tubes in just few minutes in an email.

Oh my goodness… I can’t be more impressed of Maya.  I mean, I was already.  She’s so creative, makes beautiful projects, recycles and makes amazing things out of most of us couldn’t even look twice.  A beautiful person all around.  But she also responded to my “urgent” (procrastinator’s urgency, I know) within minutes!  Thank you Maya, so very much for taking the time to help me out.

I made dinner that day, we ate, read stories, snuggled, and then went to the art studio to give it a try.

She suggested to cut the tube open instead.  And then gave it a try under the sewing machine.  Oh my! Much smoother and the sewing machine was sliding without problems.  And so I went on with my sewing and making Lucas an “inner tube cuff” thanks to Maya’s help and her imagination and creativity.

I was so excited to make this present, that I didn’t take any pictures.  But here it is all done.  You are awesome Maya, thanks!


Well, then with few hours left in the evening, and a whole lot of this nice rubbery tube laying on the table I felt like I could make something else.  I searched online and found another great idea.

A Bicycle Tube Pouch.  Perfect because Lucas is always carrying pencils and pens everywhere we go, and half the time he has them all in his hand, together with ten other things.  Not that he doesn’t have any other bags, or pouches or pencil cases.  I think he just doesn’t think to put them in something.  So, maybe if he has this one, he might use it.  Right?  We’ll see!


I had all the tools I needed.

DSC_0026-small DSC_0027-small

And went ahead with it.

DSC_0028-smallI was surprised it was pretty easy to punch holes.


Then sewed the sides.


Put a velcro piece to close it.

DSC_0033-smallDrew something with these cool pens…. I love all minds of Sharpies! DSC_0034-small DSC_0035-small

And well, then I made another one.

DSC_0038-smallAnd then I made a bike ribbon with the stamps we have.  I think it looks fun.


One thought on “The inner bike

  1. Glendie December 27, 2012 / 6:43 am

    Wow!!! Fun!!

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