Going back

DSC_0155-small DSC_0157-small DSC_0160-small

Before we had kids we went to the Metolius River and Camp Sherman lots of times.  We’d go few times a year, every time we had time off really.

DSC_0165-smallSo while were in that part of the state, we decided to show Lucas and Siena what this place looked like.  This time, we went back with our own two kids, and a borrowed puppy, many years after our last visit.


The Post Office is a cute building, next to the store.  It’s always open and you can exchange magazines and books… since many years ago, we were happy to see that they still did that.DSC_0169-small DSC_0170-small DSC_0171-small DSC_0172-small

Then we went for a drive to see what we could see.

DSC_0180-small DSC_0183-small DSC_0185-small


And we thought it would be fun to come back to this camping spot next summer.

DSC_0188-small DSC_0192-small DSC_0194-small DSC_0196-small DSC_0197-small DSC_0198-small DSC_0199-small


DSC_0204-small DSC_0207-small


DSC_0217-small DSC_0219-small DSC_0222-small DSC_0224-small DSC_0226-small


DSC_0229-small DSC_0231-small


DSC_0234-small DSC_0236-small DSC_0238-small DSC_0239-small DSC_0242-small DSC_0247-small


DSC_0245-smallIt was a fun trip.




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