The cold air

In Portland (Oregon) doesn’t snow much.  For me, it’s a real treat when it does, and it brings a whole new world to our place, where everything stops and calms down.  It’s a quietness that it’s only interrupted by the laughs and excitement of everyone heading to the park with sleds in hand.  I hope we get to that this winter.

The closest thing to this quietness it’s cold winter nights.  I am not a morning person, evening is the quiet I see most days.  I enjoy going outside in the evening for a moment, to say goodnight, at least quietly, to my world.  To the world that surrounds me right here.  To check the beehive close to our kitchen window and make sure all looks alright.  Check the lights and that the front yard that is all in place.  And to tuck in the backyard.


I look up, around me, to the little space of sky I can see from here.  We have big trees around us, and there’s street lights too.  But there’s an open space right in front of us, and I like to get outside and see that space.  It’s my little space, where I can look up and see further out.  The bigger world.  The world that makes me dream of other places.  The world that lets me think of nature, The Earth, humanity.  That little space of sky is the same one than many other people see.  Not sure if at the same time, but I hope others look up there too.

There’s the stars too, on a lucky winter night, they give me hope.  They keep me grounded, somehow.  Not sure how or why, but they do.  I love looking up at them, and enjoy when we have clear nights.

And together with a clear sky, at least at this time of the year, come cold nights.  That cold that makes my nose cold as soon as I open the door.  That cold that freezes my cheeks, that cold that lets me breathe deep.  That cold that I can feel going down my body through my mouth to my lungs.  That pure, clean, cold air, that only comes in winter time.

It’s a quick good night.  And a quiet one, too.  And when it’s cold like last night, it’s one that I enjoy.


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