Celebrating seven

A letter to Lucas on his birthday.

It seems that it was a lifetime ago when you turned 6.  Maybe more accurate would be to say that it seems that it was a World away.  We’ve done so much since your last birthday.  And yes, we are also half a world away from last November 29th.

Last year we were in Goa, in southern India, on your birthday.  We celebrated it deep in the forest, away from everything.  The staff at the place we stayed made an effort in having a birthday cake for you.  I had brought our homemade candles just for this occasion, and had it tucked away.  A little something from home I thought would be special.

We then celebrated your birthday with the students and teachers and friends from school.  They wrote and had special wishes for your birthday, and wrote them in a bed sheet for you, just how they do it for their friends at the school.  That sheet I turned it into a duvet cover that you use on your bed now.  I think it reminds us all of our days in Scindia.

There, we celebrated with friends at our home.  Another cake made just for you with a photo of you.  And we played outside, and you taught them to play baseball.  We did play something in between baseball and cricket.  You were so happy.

We got home just in time to celebrate the holidays last year, and then we took our time in settling in our life and routines here.

Since then you’ve learned to swim, much better and all the way across the pool. You enjoyed going down the big slide at the park pool, all by yourself.  You’ve also lost your first three teeth. We are waiting for another to come in, and another one to fall.

You’ve raced in your bike (and mud) five times this fall.  You’ve learned to write more letters, and love listening to books on CD, or us reading to you.  You do like even more riding bikes anywhere and anytime you can.  You do love the rain.

You’ve also have gone to the store, the library and the community center and to get your friends, with Siena, by yourselves.

You’ve played in a baseball team and loved every minute of it.  You learned to play baseball by watching, then skipping the first level of games to go onto Farm Ball and play how you’ve been dreaming about playing for the last year.

We’ve gone camping, and played UNO, hearts, painted, drawn, watched movies, and rode scooters, and tuk tuks, and a boat, a ferri, the train, an airplane, a ferris wheel, and buses.  You’ve even “drove” a boat in the Columbia River! (Yeah… that story later to come.)

Today we celebrate you here at home, on your Seventh Time around the Sun.  I am so glad we can be here together.

Te quiero mucho.     — Mamá.

DSC_0022-small DSC_0003-small DSC_0068-small DSC_0009-small DSC_0007-small DSC_0012-small DSC_0014-small DSC_0018-small

Siena made a special card for Lucas in separate packages… she’s been drawing and loving it so much.  They make me happy and I love seeing her drawings around. DSC_0016-small DSC_0126-small DSC_0017-small DSC_0019-small DSC_0079-small DSC_0031-small DSC_0041-smallWe even got to keep Chula for a little bit on Lucas’s birthday.  He was excited about that.  He really likes her.  She’s a sweet little puppy. DSC_0055-smallLucas got his Beach Boys CD.  We’ve had a few from the library for months, and this one, has ‘all but one of the best songs ever’…a great CD indeed!  And it’s all his!DSC_0085-small DSC_0104-smallFavorite breakfast place that we got to enjoy with Mark, because he stayed home for the day to celebrate together. DSC_0105-small DSC_0106-smallHad cake and pizza, and played games and had laughs…DSC_0108-small DSC_0112-small DSC_0117-small DSC_0118-small DSC_0091-small… and I got some quiet tears at seeing him so grown up, seeing him and loving the little person he is.


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