Seven times

Yes.  Lucas is turned seven.

I do remember with great details the day Lucas was born.  It wasn’t an easy pregnancy, and I was monitored (by the doctors) very closely the last month for some complications, and my plan (you know, as pregnant mama’s go) was to have this little guy after Thanksgiving, so we can have meals when we were back home with him, etc, etc…  And yes it worked out as planned… Lucas was born on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  All was well… in my “nesting mama world.”

Seven years later, it’s full of memories, full of beautiful memories, with many stories and lots of funny ones.  Lucas is a funny little guy, and we all love him for that.  He comes up with jokes all the time, that he makes them even funnier, just because who he is.

He’s shy and so caring.  He remembers details that none of us can.  He knows what he wants and respects and loves all animals.

He loves each one of us in a way that we can feel it and hear it more often than many of us remember to share out loud.  Our sweet little guy is growing, and I am so happy I get to be his mamá.  I am so lucky.

Remember what we were doing last year?  And the year before? And when you were four and three?


You’ve grown so much… Happy Birthday!


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  1. Glendie November 29, 2012 / 6:31 am


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