Our thanksgiving : the making + the ending

We made these from some printouts I found online.  Except the front one, that Siena made herself.

We realized the arms in these paper roll tube people were hard to put comfortably. They seemed to be making some kind of hand signal, or asking for help… so Siena went ahead and made her own.  (They seemed to look much better when they were all in circle, like holding hands…)  But it doesn’t really matter.  It was just fun to sit down and make them and make up stories about them!

Then we got out our wooden peg people.  I do love these! We’ve made so many different people, that I love what we all come up with.

We were in Sisters this year, for Thanksgiving.  Last year, in Gwalior. The year before in Portland, as all the other years previous to that.  We are not Thanksgiving-travel people.  Mark usually working until Wednesday, makes it hard to travel that evening or even that Thursday, besides being ready to cook a huge meal on Thursday.  So we never go anywhere.  We just really like and enjoy our home, celebrating together.

But this year, thanks to the budget cuts in the school district, Mark had Wednesday off, and an amazing offer of a free-home in a beautiful place…. all fell into place.  And so we were off to a Thanksgiving outside our home.

I guess, Sisters is not as exotic as India some might say, nor it is as far away from Portland as Gwalior. But it was a beautiful weekend and one we’ll remember, as well.


Not the typical Thanksgiving one might think.  We each picked what we liked to eat, and put our meal together and it was delicious foods for sure!


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