The last one and I noticed I’m different

Yesterday was Lucas’s last race for the year, with the Cyclo Cross Crusades. It was raining a little but not much.  So we headed out there.

Still with a little mud from last week’s race (in the bike, he was wearing clean clothes), we were there.  From this…

To this… this is the story…

And again… this little guy of ours is all smiles and happy talking when it’s about bikes.  Remember his first race back over a month ago?  Back then, the grounds were dry, we had sun, and we had this kid with the same great smile, with one more tooth.

Do you see what he’s wearing?

It’s November 18th, and he’s wearing a t-shirt and shorts.  The rest of the world in Portland, we are all waring boots, long johns, hats, and coats… not my guy.  But that’s how he is.

He’s ready.  I wonder what he’s thinking…

I’m thinking, as we waited for the race to start, how different people are.  Lucas was standing, waiting.  In just few minutes more and more kids were coming and getting in front of him.  From being on third row to start, he ended being almost in the last row.  It doesn’t really matter, but what makes me think is how different I am. It bothers me when people cut in front of lines. It bothers me even more that parents tell their children to go ahead and cut in front of everyone else waiting in line.

It’s a non-competitive race, for these little people.  It’s all for fun. But when I have a dad standing next to me telling his 14-year old daughter that it’s OK to get in front of the other kids, it bothers me.  And it bothers me even more when her mom shows up later and she tells her to go ahead and get even further in the front.  And to answer her daughter’s question “But I’m outside the course and there are people standing right there” with “it’s OK, just run them over, they’ll move…”

Or during the race, I hear parents yelling at their kids “don’t let them pass you!”

I noticed I’m different.  We are different here at my house.

We are trying to race our kids respectful to other people, no matter where we are, no matter the situation.  It makes me wonder if this is for me.  I don’t fit in that crowd.  I don’t want to fit.  I want my kids to push themselves, without pushing others to the side (or the back!)

I’m not a competitive person, and I know that.  I think it’s fun to compete but I’m good no matter where I finish.   The important thing in my opinion, it’s to have fun doing it.   It’s OK to push yourself,  push your kids even, but it should all be healthy, and respectful.  In every race, I saw a little too much that has me wondering and noticed I’m different that way.

But I leave all that to the side, when I see Lucas starting.  So focused, so intense.  So excited.

Being careful.  Especially yesterday when it was all wet and very slippery, I could almost hear him say ” I’m fine Mamá.”

He’s loving it.

Yesterday, as it was the week before, the race was riding for 10 minutes.

He is so happy.  There is mud, there is rain, there are bikes and helmets everywhere.

He’s pushing himself.  He doesn’t want any help.

And we are watching him from the sides.  Cheering him on.

One slide and a fall, few rounds on him… the bike is getting heavier.

He’s done ‘so awesome…’

He did it!  I see a relieved face.  He’s all done.  10 minutes in a muddy course… it tires everyone out.  And our little guy did good.

Raced five out of the eight races, this year.  His first time.  And he did awesome.  We are proud of him.

He’s so happy.

And we finished with a very muddy kid and his very muddy bike.

And that was the perfect way to finish his first cross races.

And today like all the other times, there were sponsors, and food and beer carts, and carts selling all sorts of bike products.

And giving samples.

Warm delicious oatmeal with all the toppings you can imagine.

And today, because it was the last day, there was also drumming.

And all thanks to our friend.  Thanks for letting us know, Butch.  Lucas had a blast!  Can you see it in his face?


4 thoughts on “The last one and I noticed I’m different

  1. A Nature Mom November 19, 2012 / 9:14 am

    Wow, a lot kids are in that race! The turnout is much smaller here in the San Francisco area for the kid-races. Loved the video!

    • naturallyfundays : marcela November 19, 2012 / 9:36 am

      Hello Nature Mom. THanks. There are lots of kids and lots of people in general. It’s lots of fun! Thanks for coming to visit us here.

  2. Kelly November 19, 2012 / 12:50 pm

    Another reason we are friends, we are of the same spirit when it comes to competition. I encourage my kids to only compete with themselves, to push their best each new time. And they also know that I value kindess and respect above all else. Even with this value I sometimes want to kick those super competitive selfish parents in the shins! (Don’t tell my kids!)

    • naturallyfundays : marcela November 19, 2012 / 2:26 pm

      Hi Kelly… it’s true… “compete with ourselves”… that will help us improve, keep going, keep trying… all great things I believe, too. Let’s go play out there together! We’ll have fun!

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