13th but who’s counting

On another beautiful Sunday morning…

We headed to a new park.  Barton Park in Clackamas.

We wait for the big kids to go first.  They ride for 30 minutes, around the course, while ours  (Kiddie Bikers) just do part of it.

Of course, Lucas would go with them if it was up to him. But not yet, my little guy.

We are watching form the side line.

And it is so exciting!

We all love seeing him so happy riding out there!

And with all three of us watching Lucas, we counted.  It’s non-competitive, and it doesn’t really matter.  But it’s fun to pay attention! 13th place.  Way cool!

The “Raced” sticker is always welcomed.

And as we’ve heard before…

Not long enough nor muddy enough.

Soon, I’m sure.  At least the muddy part!


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