Lots of salmon + and lots of water

On a rainy Sunday, 

… a couple of weekends ago, we went to see the salmon, again.

We went with some friends, to the same spot we had taken my parents and my aunt, back in September.  Eagle Creek.  For them also, the first time.

We have these fish out of the water, waiting for the gates to open, so they can go back to the hatchery.  I’ve never seen this before.

This time the rive was huge. So full, the water going by so fast, it was hard to see the salmon in the river.

This place is so beautiful.

fun bridge… if you like swinging bridges I guess…

Just so beautiful.

We got to see more salmon from here and some eggs.

Oh the colors…

Note: not an actual size driver. But a happy make-believe driver indeed.

We headed to buy some smoked salmon, and since it’s right next door from the ice cream place (we usually stop in the summer), we had to stop that day….

… rain or shine.


3 thoughts on “Lots of salmon + and lots of water

  1. Leslie's Garden November 11, 2012 / 5:47 am

    Oh my goodness! The size of that leaf is impressive! What a gorgeous place to go for a family outing. I love all the mossyness – even on the bridge! Wonderful post! Looks pretty cold!

  2. naturallyfundays : marcela November 11, 2012 / 10:28 am

    Hi Leslie’s Garden. I know, the leaves were huge! So much water, so green, moss everywhere… I love that of the Pacific Northwest (except on my roof!) I do love it and I’m so glad to go each year.

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