:: right now ::



We still have fe leaves on the trees, and the compost pile is full and our garden is being cleaned out each weekend a little at a time.

There are a lot less leaves on our apple tree, since I took this photo last week.

Right Now::: I see more wind, and since this photo, there’s less leaves in our apple tree.  A sure sign of the end of the season.

:: I see the last apples from our huge, huge harvest.

:: I see the garden being taken cared of.

:: the sunlight is rare.  Clouds are more common right now.  But when the sun shines, the light is weak and the shadows long.

:: we are making things.

:: I am enjoying the light.  Its softness.  Its brightness when clouds clear long enough for the sun to shine. Lovely light for autumn photos and keeping us warm a little longer.

:: I am enjoying making.

:: I love hearing Lucas’s and Siena’s stories when they come back from their day on their own (wilderness) adventures.

:: and I am enjoying seeing how Lucas has grown up so much in the past few months.  In so many ways, more independent, making his own days, trying new things, almost a seven year old.  I can’t believe it.

:: I am feeling the change of the season, though some days feel like summer.

:: I am smiling at Lucas’s smile, with two very loose teeth on top, you can see them moving and crooked…. the lovely things of childhood.


:: I am enjoying the colors.


What are you doing right now?

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One Response to :: right now ::

  1. Monica says:

    Tiene su belleza el otoño ….. esos tonos de amarillos y café son preciosos , pero es el comienzo de los días grises y lluvia y frío, días especiales para quedarse en casa y hacer trabajos manuales (¿ que está haciendo Siena en la foto de arriba ?) …
    Aqui , con la primavera en plena floración ¡¡ una maravilla los colores !! primero los amarillos , luego los blancos y en estos momentos todos los colores del arco iris .
    ¿ Cuales son los planes manuales para este invierno ?

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