Seattle : The ferry to Bainbridge

Photo by my mom.




After a long day seeing Seattle, on a beautiful sunny day, I thought it would be fun to ride the ferri across Puget Sound to Bainbridge, and see what we could see.




Photo by my mom.




Just a beautiful beautiful evening.

Siena and Lucas’s first time in a ferri.



I think it is their first time in a boat!


Photo by my mom.


The view amazing.

Photo by my mom.


And lots of wind half way in the sound.

Photo by my mom.

We got off at the Island, and walked around a little and had dinner.

And in Lucas’s eyes, the most amazing thing happened.  Do you see this car? A white bug turned baseball!

Lucas’s dream.


Photo by my mom.

And it was perfect timing. To come back in the dark.

What a sight!

The perfect way to finish our trip to Seattle.  Thanks for coming along with us.










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