Finding our rhythm

This (school) year, seems to be yet different than any before, for us.  Every year, every autumn, I know it is. Last fall we were in India, and we homeschooled, as we have done for 4 other years.  We did our thing there, were most of our days was exploring and taking everything in, or at least as much as we could that day.  It was, as you know, if you’ve been reading our blog, an amazing experience for us, and I am so glad we were able to go and do what we did.  Something we will never forget, for sure.

After we came back from India, winter and spring seemed to be a lot about catching up.  Catching up with things in our house, with friends. I felt like I had to do lots of catching my breath and taking it all in, as we returned from our trip.  My head was filled with feelings, with sights, with memories, with emotions.  I’ve traveled before, but never with kids for this long, and it was a very different experience.

I had new perspectives in life.  Had new insights as a family and in the personal side.  And we had each other, as always, but it was a new ‘us.’  We came back from five months in India, changed in so many ways, and I felt like we were all growing into who we were turning into.   Everything felt ‘big’ sort of speak.  I don’t know exactly what it was, but I felt like we were trying to find ourselves every day.  At least I was.

That previous year, in the fall, Lucas was 4 and 5, and he was in preschool for a couple of days a week.  Siena and I did our ‘harder homeschool work’ those days, in those hours we were by ourselves.  It worked for us.

The year before that, Lucas was 3 years old, so with a little one around, and Siena just 7, it was even different how we spent our days.

While my parents were visiting last month, almost the whole month of September, we did some traveling, and fun things, going here and there.  My aunt came to visit from the East Coast, after 10 years of not seeing her.  Just lots of fun things.  And now we are ready to settle into our lives, our daily rythm.

But this year.  This year seems different too. Lucas at 6 (7, next month), and Siena 10.  Lucas is old now for “formal homeschooling” (whatever that means) so we are trying something new.

I am excited to what is coming up, and at all the new things we are trying.  Not all easy, it has meant lots of changes for each one of us.  Siena has always liked a more structured routine, so we have one for her to try.

We get up and have breakfast, but still with plenty of time for snuggling before that, a great benefit of homeschool, I must admit.  We then gather and do our lesson, which we are focusing on Social Studies at the moment, for few weeks.  We’ll end our Social Studies block in a couple of weeks, with a Geography Fair I’m organizing for other homeschool families.

Then we head outside for a walk, a quick walk to the bluff to have a sight of the city and the wildlife refuge we live by, and through the park.  Lunch, and then a little bit of alone, quiet time, I think we all need by then.

In the afternoon, we are doing math, reading, art, science with friends, piano and swim lessons, alternating in the four days we are keeping this routine.  The other day they are all day at an ‘outdoor school’-type group, that I’ve written before.

It has been doable, and it is very different to anything we’ve done before and it’s exciting to try!

If you’d like you can share what your rhythm looks like for us to read.  I love how fall brings, at least for us, so many new things, new ideas, new opportunities… we are excited to be trying something new this year, and it seems to be working well so far, this first month.  Maybe we’ll change few things after the winter break we have when Mark stays at home, and we try something new, and new classes and Im sure new routines.  But so far, this is working and we are all enjoying our new rhythm of the days.

Have a good day and a beautiful start of the week.


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