Another one

Yes, we were out there again.  Two weeks later, and we were at the Portland International Raceway for Lucas’s second cross race.

Though it was a little cold, we had a great morning.  .

Look at the clouds

When I was a kid, I used to watch car racing on TV, with my dad.  You know, one of those things we just did. This was the first time I’ve ever been in person in anything remotely close to car racing, and it was fun.

We liked this tiny white car.  And we saw it racing few times, before it was time for Lucas to get ready.

There’s something fun to hear the buzzing sound of racing cars. Never knew it!

Of course, even more fun it is when we have a friend to root for!

And mud?  Yes, David got to go around few rounds and as most, got pretty muddy. I’m glad (for us) it stopped raining before the races (I didn’t want to stand out there in the hard rain.)  But it was still muddy enough for Lucas to get a taste of a little dirt on him, while riding.

My little guy, happy warming up with the big kids.

By request from Lucas, I had to put more pictures of our friend Daivid.  Here he is finishing.

The fun thing about these races, is that the kids’ races are in between big people’s races.  So you see everyone getting ready, others finishing, some dirtier than others.  It goes all day.

All sizes, all colors.

Fun to see.  And the great part too, is that the kids’ races are free. Isn’t that cool?

And now, we were getting ready.  Well, Lucas was.

So many kids there that day.

Lucas’s race group is for  and half year olds and up.   And I’m thinking again, the other kids looked so big, they are sure going to run over Lucas.  Should he be racing in the younger group instead (really little ones, just a very short race.)  You know, I’m just thinking… just Mama’s thoughts about her ‘baby’.

Lucas, not too worried.  Can you see him?

He’s loving every minute of it.

I’m not sure what Mark was telling Lucas, but I wonder if it was on the line of my thoughts… Papa’s thoughts instead? I think it was the instructions on when to start I think.

Do you see my little guy there in between all those kids?

Yup! He’s all ready to go.

He looks so big.

Growing up right in front of my eyes.

Yes. So much bigger, and with so much love for what he chooses to do. He loved every minute of it, and again, wishes the race was much longer… I love you for all of that My Lucas.


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