Tutorial : Making autumn

I found this project in my old style paper files, and thought it would be perfect to do this week. (I just found it online here.)

We’ve been taking walks in our mornings, and this day we collected a branch for each one of us, that we each picked what we wanted, and that it was flexible enough to bend into a circle.

You don’t need much.  The small branch (you might need clippers to get all pieces you don’t want, or you can leave some of them alone to add to the piece.) + scissors + yarn + fabric or felt or yarns to weave.

1- You first bend the branch to make it into a loop.  The directions showed to tape the ends together, but we tied it with our yarn.

2- We then tied yarn from the top, and let them hang, with a couple of inches extra, so you can then tie them all up in the bottom, and let them hang a little, like roots.  The directions showed to tie 7 pieces of yarn, so we did some with 7, and this one had 11 strings.  If you have younger kiddos working on this project, you might want to help them get these strings tight, so it’s easier to weave the pieces of fabric.

3- I then gathered all of our wool felt pieces, left over from other projects, and decided to use them to weave.

4- And then you start weaving the pieces you want to use, to about half or a little more of the length of the yarns, down to the bottom of the circle.

I found it easier to have more than the seven strings of yarn, so the strings were closer together and the shorter pieces were easier to stay put, and to weave more.

I love these photos… how Siena is working with her hands.

She amazes me at the things she gets done.  I don’t think I did half the things she’s created in her 10 years.

5- When you are done weaving (to whatever size you’d like your tree to be), you wrap the strings of yarn that are left without weaving, with yarn, to turn them into trunks.  You can do it with the same color yarn, or different. You wrap them around, making branches and a trunk.

You can tie/wrap them all together to make just one trunk. Or, you can split the strings into two to make two trunks.  Or as you can see in one of ours, we tied it together and then split them half way finished.  Whatever you’d like to make.

They turned out so cute, I think.

I loved everything about this project.  The time of year, that we were searching for the right stick to bring home of the project.  The materials we used were all on hand at home,  using left over pieces from recycled felted sweaters I had and yarns.  That Lucas and Siena (and I) all enjoyed making it. That they look so cute, and bring the perfect picture of nature back inside.

Share here if you’d like what fall projects you’ve made lately. Or if you have a link to other autumn craftyness we can check out, we would love to see them too.  Hope you can do a fun project today too.  Have a good one!


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