This love

Oh, how I love autumn.  I’m excited that it’s here already.  I love everything about it. I missed it last year when we were in India. I missed the sights and sounds of this time of the year here at home.  Not that I would take back what we were doing back then, but I just missed it. You know?

And as I said a couple of days ago in my last right now, we are all enjoying the wetter, cooler weather.  I love:

:: red and yellow leaves

:: the fire outside in our fire pit, in cold evenings.  Can’t wait.

:: s’mores out there.

:: having sweaters on.

:: apple cider (hot and cold.)

:: tasting all types of apples.  So much fun.

:: my newest knitted hat.

:: lazy mornings on pajamas with hot tea… also waiting for that.

:: cozy-ing up inside, when it’s wet and cold outside.

:: wool.

:: wind and the sound of the leaves up high.

:: bright leaves.

:: warm socks.

:: pumpkins.

:: salmon watching.

:: soups.

:: warm, just baked bread.

:: baking pies and other good foods.  Mark is the pie-maker, and we enjoyed our first pumpkin pie a couple of days ago. Thank you, Papá!

:: apple cider donuts.  Having them once a year, makes them even better!

:: leaves falling.

:: wearing gloves.

:: wearing closed-toe shoes with warm socks (I love socks.)

:: warm blankets.

:: watching Siena and Lucas enjoy the piles of leaves.

:: cooler air.

:: listening the geese go by above, going south.  Until next year.

:: acorns, chestnuts and all the fall colors that we have out there.

:: the rain.  Oh yes, I do love the rain.

:: foggy days.

:: the sound of leaves when we walk.

:: boots and warm cozy socks (have I said socks yet?)

:: warm tea.

:: orange.

:: browns too.

:: wet dirt.  Mud.

Oh…. how I love autumn. This time, I am not letting one day go by without being outside, watching everything that this time of the year brings and means to me.

Hope you are welcoming fall as well. Happy autumn!


2 thoughts on “This love

  1. Kelly October 18, 2012 / 5:57 pm

    Oh these are my favorite things too!

    • naturallyfundays : marcela October 18, 2012 / 8:28 pm

      Hi Kelly. Isn’t it just pretty around here? I’m glad you are enjoying them too… we should go for a walk together one day to take it all in… this beautiful autumn.

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