Back in time


Last week we went to Philip Foster Farm, in Eagle Creek here in Oregon, towards Mt. Hood.

Every year they do a Homeschool Day. And this is the third or fourth time we’ve been. This time we went with our friends.  And it was so much fun!

We first went to see the Blacksmith.



This day, is all run by volunteers. Most of them are homeschooled kids, and it’s really fun to see them work in old-time clothes, and how they did things back when.




With our $5 entrance fee, we get an apple (to press) and a corn to grind.

We do the corn first.









We got ground corn, cornmeal, for corn bread we made few days later.



Then we got to cut a piece of this branch, with this two-(wo)man saw.










We had such a beautiful day.





There is a General Store that is fun to see.

And the family’s home. So fun to look around.






They showed us the butter mold and they showed us how they made butter in the old days.

Apple fritters being cooked in the kitchen for everyone to try.

A really pretty house I think (oh those rugs…)



We had such a pretty day and so much fun with friends.











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