Early salmons

Because my parents were visiting from Chile and my aunt came to see them from the East Coast, we wanted to go to The Gorge and see if there were salmon coming up, with the little rain we had a couple of nights earlier.

We all walked towards the bridge to see what we could see.

And oh my goodness… we did see some salmon.

We all stood there watching.


Seeing nature tell us a story.  Many stories! A nature story. A cycle of life, that we go back to see, to learn, to hear, every fall. I don’t like missing it.  It is amazing.  I love seeing it, having it told right in front of my eyes. It is so amazing.

So much unknown to me, how could these creatures can tell when it’s time to return.  or how to know where they were born.  To return to the same place.

We love it.  It’s what makes autumn, autumn for me.  But this was an extra visit.  An early visit to the creek we were lucky to share with my parents and aunt, visiting from out of town.  An extra trip, an extra story.   We are going back in few weeks, when the rains start and the rivers get a little fuller.  We are just waiting and enjoying this first sights for now.


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