Last weekend, we did the Race for the Cure walk.

We celebrated my mom, who’s been a survivor for 11 years.

We walked through downtown Portland.

On a beautiful, amazing, clear, sunny Sunday morning.


So many people were there. For me, it’s amazing to see all those women and men wearing pink.  What a beautiful celebration.

And those we remember, especially on this day.

We are all there for the same reason.  We want a cure, and we want to help somehow.

We want to support our families, and friends, and those we haven’t met yet.


We want to remember our friends, and families and those we didn’t get a chance to meet.

So we did this walk, once again. The third one together with my mom, our 7th one, I think.

And as we passed the starting banner, they read our sign we were showing.

And they asked “where Mónica was” and my mom waved from the big mass of people we were walking in the middle of.

Photo by Lucas.

A beautiful day to celebrate and remember.







2 thoughts on “Celebrating

  1. Lia September 24, 2012 / 1:05 pm

    Hermoso, emocionante. Besos y muchos abrazos

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