Making : apple sauce : Tutorial of sorts

As you can see, we’ve been making.  All sorts of food, trying to preserve and keep as much as what we can have for winter.

Our garden is doing great with tomatoes and basil and few other things, but mostly we’ve been over run by apples.

There are always more apples calling my name, to make something else.  We’ve done the whole-day apple press thing, we’ve made apple cobbler, apple juice, apple sauce, apple pie, apples for snack, dessert, and breakfast, and more apple sauce, and more apple sauce.

I usually peel the apples (after washing them of course), core them and cut them into chunks, removing all bruises and funky-looking pieces.  Then I cook these apple chunks with some water (about half of the pot) until they are soft.  Then I add sugar (1/2 cup or so, to taste), cinnamon and cook it until I like the consistency.

But there is just so much peeling I can do.  My hands get sore and chapped.  So after this year, with an incredible amount of apples from our two trees, I decided to try a new way.

I washed them and then cut them in big chunks (as for the apple juice in the press.)  I didn’t peel them, or cored them.  I just took the bad spots out, and placed them in a big pot.

I put enough water that I could see it through the apple pieces. About half the pot I guess.   I cooked it until the apples were soft.  As they cook, the amount goes down a little, so I kept adding more apple pieces.

I then pass it through a food mill, and it makes this very smooth apple sauce.

Then I put this smooth apple sauce back into a clean pot (I think it’s less risky to start with a clean pot, so not to burn the pot… but it’s not scientifically proven by me… I’m just guessing.)

Back to the stove.  I add a little bit of sugar (about 1/2 cup or so, depending on the apples you are using), cinnamon (some sprinkled on top) and sometimes I also put nutmeg.  I guess you can put any spices you like.

I cook it for few minutes (about 5-10 minutes) on low-medium heat, until I like the consistency.  I let it cook for a little longer if I had added too much water at the beginning.  But I don’t really cook it for too long.


We have made over 200 quarts of apple sauce so far. Many have been delivered to friends, and many more packing our shelves for us (an friends) to enjoy this winter season.






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