India at home

As we do our end of the summer cleaning, we are getting ready for autumn, when we spend more time inside. I am washing our curtains, letting them get fresh air and start clean, for the months ahead that we’ll spend indoors.

We are also rearranging.  I love changing furniture around, and decorations.  And we realized, that when we got back from India last December, we put most of our knick knacks and decorations we brought with us, away, while we decorated for the holidays.

The days went by too quickly I guess, because here we are, many months later, finally taking them out and revisiting.   But I love how it has come up, and how we bring up our experience from last fall, almost daily, in some way or another.

We brought things we wanted to remember our days spent in Gwalior, from friends, and some of what we had at our home there.

But this, we bought it in Jaipur, in Rajasthan, for our bedroom.

With the white walls, I love the colors we have for everything else.

The stitching…

I love it!  Both so different, but so intricate and I can’t even imagine how long it would take to make.  I’m so glad we brought these blankets (quilts) with us.

I enjoy seeing them each time I go into my bedroom or see it from the door… it reminds me of so much, and I love it for that.


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