Camping after camping

After having three fun days of camping with friends at the grandparents’ house by the lake, we went camping.

But this time, was ‘real camping.’ No cinnamon rolls and great coffee for breakfast, or handmade (delicious! I might add) apple and blueberry pies, or chocolate cake, for snacks, or delicious multiple-dish meals.  We are talking camping-camping.  Still good food cooked by Papá, but camping food.  You know what I mean?

We went to a new spot, a lake surrounded by trees.  Water and trees, just how we like it.  Something we don’t do very often.  We have the camping spots we often go to, and it’s good.  We are like that.

And we had sand too.  A perfect bonus!

We found a great place and we all had fun, had great weather, and so much quiet-ness.  Sunday and Monday nights are perfect to go camping! And really enjoyed ourselves.

Such a beautiful sight.

(Safe to share my hand for Hearts, since it’s already been played.)

We always have a small collection of something when we are camping in the woods… the new treasure are always fun to find.

All sorts of playing.

Summer every way you look at it.

By the time we were done, we were happy campers… and ready to be home to a real shower.


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