Lists : what I like

If you’ve gone to see Pinterest, maybe you understand… browsing Pinterest I found a pin from a friend that made me look at this other person’s page and her projects.  She has a list for different things and it made me think of those list myself.  I am a list person after all!

So here’s my list of  What I like:

: feelings

: fresh flowers

: a beautiful magazine

: gardens

: chocolate

: mountains


: yarn

: fabrics

: calmness

: turquoise-type blue

: lemonade made from fresh lemons

: dried herbs (picked by us especially)

: music

: notebooks

: handmade paper

: the moon

: good stories

: handmade quilts

: tablecloths

: chai

: fire inside or outside

: be together with my family

: bagels

: rivers

: Margaritas

: sewing

: snow

: watercolor

: Scrabble

: making and enjoying things we make and grow

:: salt in my food

: taking pictures

: when the sun comes out right after the rain

: knitting

: meaningfulness

What do you like? Make a list here in the comments or you can link us to your page if you’d like to share.  Would love to know! Have a great day and hopefully get to do some of the things in your like list.


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