A hike : Falls Creek Falls, Washington

While we were camping we went for a hike one day.  Falls Creek Falls, in Washington.

And this is what we saw on our way.

We had done this hike a long time time, the same spot.  It was 6 years ago, when Lucas was just 8 months old.

We had been Geocaching then, and this time, without a GPS, we looked and paid attention to what we remembered.

We found it!  And the Geocache box had the same original notebook.  The same notebook we left a note 6 years ago.  Back then, it said, Lucas was 8 months old, we had our Big Dog with us (who passed away 3 years ago), and Siena was just 4 years old.  A complete different hike back then than it was now.

Back then, Lucas in a backpack being carried the 2.2 miles.  Now, we are all hiking.  The same miles, to see the same beautiful falls.  It was fun to remember that trip, 6 years ago.  From something so small, as a short note in a little notebook, we had great talks walking in this time.

I love it.  I wonder if we’ll go there 6 years from now, on another summer day.  Siena would be 16, Lucas 12.  Oh… always fun to think.

And we continued our hike to the falls.

Until we reached them.

Photo by Siena.

I leave you with a bit of nature.



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