Checking the bees

A few days ago, Mark opened the old hive we’ve had for just over a year, to see how our bees are doing.

We’ve been keeping a close eye, since they swarmed last May, wondering what is happening.  Well, we’ve actually have been watching our bees since we got them a year ago!  It’s an every day thing.  We notice them.  The workers are leaving.  They are coming back filled with pollen.  They are doing test flights.  The drones have a harder time landing at the entrance.   It’s fun to see them. We are always watching them.

We have a little plexiglass window on the front of the top bar hive, that is really fun to look through.  I’m glad we have that and I wish the other hive had that too.  I enjoy seeing the combs, and the bees working inside.  It lets us be a little bit closer to them.  Seeing them work and how it looks like inside a hive.

So Mark, and a friend, opened the hive and saw what the hive looks like.



And the girls all look good.  They didn’t see the queen, but they found lots of workers, drones, honey combs and lots of larvae.  THAT is good!  We were worried, because they were not doing so well, a month or so ago.  I think now they are recuperating from whatever happened, and the queen and the whole colony looks pretty healthy.


With some honey too, but I guess this year, the production of honey is not so good.  I wonder if we’ll get any.

Our bees from this hive, have been hanging out by the entrance during the day and during the night the past week, and we’ve been watching.  Wondering what they are doing.  It almost looks like they are going to swarm, but it’s really late in the season, and they probably wouldn’t survive, there isn’t a lot of food for them in nature to get started right now.  It hadn’t been that hot either, and why are they ‘hanging out’ at night anyways?  We don’t know, but yesterday, after more than a week of this crazy behavior, they seem to be done bearding like this.  Whatever it was, it’s always fun to see and keep learning.

I keep thinking they are incredible.  Now with the nigh temperatures we had this weekend, they were hanging out outside too, lots of them, but we knew that was normal… I guess the other hanging out was  normal  too, we jus didn’t know it.

Oh these bees… there’s so much to learn about them.


5 thoughts on “Checking the bees

  1. Linda August 6, 2012 / 7:08 am

    Beekeeping is one of my favorite hobbies…I can’t wait until I have room for a hive again! I’ve been really curious about trying the top bar hive style. It seemed to have so many bonuses…

  2. Monica August 6, 2012 / 9:39 am

    ¿ Cuando estás sacando la miel ?

    • naturallyfundays : marcela August 6, 2012 / 1:18 pm

      Hola Mamá. No sabemos si vamos a poder sacar miel este año. Ha sido muy helado para las abejas, y nuestro panal tuvo problemas después que se fueron 2 grupos (enjambres?) vamos a sacar un poco para probarla, te dejamos un poco para cuando vengan! Pero este año no va a ser mucho. Talvez el próximo. Todo depende del tiempo.

  3. Monica August 7, 2012 / 3:30 pm

    Tienes que amarrarles las patas para cuando vayamos…….

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