Tutorial : popcorn over the fire

Popcorn over a camp fire, camping, my kids say it’s even better than popcorn made at home, no matter how you make it.

I didn’t grow up with popcorn.  In Chile, or at least my family, we only had caramel popcorn in amusement parks-type places, sometimes.  I don’t remember having it much. So when we moved to the US,  after trying the ‘salty popcorn’ I had to have a popcorn popper.  My first one was an air popcorn popper we found at a garage sale.  It was so good!  Until the machine broke.  Then, about 9 years ago, a friend showed me how to make popcorn over the stove, in a pot!  THAT was amazing!  I’ve made popcorn many times a week, since then.  I love it!  We all do here at my house. at least.

But as my kids say, THIS (camping popcorn) is THE BEST!

So here’s a tutorial on how to make popcorn, in case you are in the woods, with a popcorn popper and do not know how to use it.  It could happen!

1- First you need to gather your wood for the camp fire.

2- Have a little helper start the fire.

3- Or have two little helpers, that can work together in making a fire.

4- Then you put a little oil and the popcorn in the over-the-fire popcorn popper.

I found this popcorn popper at a thrift store but I’m sure you can find them around.  This is the only one we’ve ever had, so I can’t really compare it to others or recommend one over another.  But this has worked for us over quite a few camping trips.

5- Then you put the popper over the fire, shaking it a little every now and then, to make sure it doesn’t burn.

6- And you wait, and shake, and wait some more.

7- You can switch ‘shakers’ because it gets hot sometimes and it’s tiring.

You might need to wear dinosaurs pajamas while you are making the popcorn, so it tastes better.

8- And you wait some more.

9- And make funny faces when Mamá takes so many pictures!  You know, for the one that would turn out really good picture, or for the tutorial for the blog.

10- You’ll hear when the popcorn is ready, because after it goes crazy popping, it won’t be popping as much.11- When it’s done popping get it out of the fire.  Just like over the stove, make sure you don’t leave it for too long, so it doesn’t burn in the bottom.  For ours, we added salt.

12- We also added nutritional yeast.  But you can add as many or as little condiments as you’d like.

13- And after eating it all, you can go back to what you were doing before all the popping, as we did.

Everybody content and tired, ready for a good and peaceful, night of sleep.


2 thoughts on “Tutorial : popcorn over the fire

  1. Leslie's Garden August 4, 2012 / 5:10 pm

    Your camp popcorn looks delicious! We were big popcorn eaters when I was growing up. When I moved out to my first apartment I didn’t know how to cook anything but popcorn, and I had it almost every night for dinner! My mother always made it with bacon grease, it gave it a delicious, subtle flavor. Now we always use microwave.

    • naturallyfundays : marcela August 5, 2012 / 12:00 am

      Hello Leslie’s Garden. I love popcorn too, no matter how it is made. It’s always good! Isn’t it? Thanks for coming to visit us again. Have a great weekend.

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