Camping + a lesson in growing up

Last month we went camping to one of our favorite spots, in between rainy days.   We had to.  We really wanted to get our summer started in a fun way, and camping is that for us.

Siena and Lucas wanted to have their own tent.  This is the first time, camping, they were sleeping on their own.  They helped set it up and they were so excited to go sleep on their own, in their own tent.  I wasn’t ready for it, I didn’t realize.  At night, Mark and I in our own, large, family tent, all of a sudden it felt too big.  But they were ready. They loved every night we spent out there.  They are growing.  Right in front of our eyes, and I guess I need to be right behind them, being ready.

This place, is magical.

The creek was higher than other times we’ve been there.  And the water colder than before too.

But for us, if you are camping, you get in the water.

There is just so much to explore.

I asked “Can I have one picture?”

“Yes, but a quick one, Mamá.”

They had to go, you know.  Things to do.

Places to be.

Things to find.

Did I say the water was F-R-E-E-E-Z-Z-Z-I-N-G???  I mean, it’s coming from melted snow… before summer even got here!

Our rock collection.

I love this place.


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