A special gesture

Few days before Lucas’s last game, two of his older friends gave him their too-small-for -them baseball pants.  It was a very special gesture, that Lucas treasures.  It’s a mix of having new pants to wear (even though might be a little too big), but most importantly it’s because they were worn by his older friends he looks up to, and they play baseball as well.  For my little guy, it’s a very special thing.

And of course, in my family, there’s no special moment that goes by without being captured by photographs.

A photo shoot was in order.

Showing off skills, poses, and of course, asked to smile by his Mamá.

Few days later, as we ended the last game, snacks where shared and it was Lucas’s turn.  As he was wearing his new (to him) bigger baseball pants, he made sure his old (smaller) pants were washed and as clean as this Mamá can get them, to do his own special gesture.

Lucas had thought about passing his older pants to his own friend for a while.  He just had been waiting to grow out of them.

We have two more very happy friends, with new (to them) baseball pants!

Another photo shoot on the spot, of course.

With all the gear of course.  They are so happy.  Look at how cute they look!


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