Strawberry picking + making

Last week we went to pick strawberries at a local farm.

I think this year, brings the best tasting strawberries I’ve tried in a long time!

We tried the raspberries.

While the bees are enjoying this stage of the plants, us (humans), at least, they are not quite ready yet.  We’ll come back for those.

Though we did find a few to try.

And as you can see Lucas…

he couldn’t stop eating the strawberries we had just picked.

They were that good!


With my grandma’s knife still working after more than 25 years that I’ve owned it, it’s still helping us in our kitchen, half a world around, many decades later. I wonder how many strawberries she hulled with it.

And with more berries that we could eat, we had a long couple of days preserving them.  But on our picking day, Papá’s Day, I made that Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble from Smitten Kitchen… I’m still thinking about it and wishing for more berries to make it again.  It was that good.


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