Schwenke y Nilo

Remembering Nelson Schwenke : by Jeckillson

Remembering one of my favorite groups of music I grew up listening in Chile, Schwenke & Nilo.  All through high school and college and even living here in the US, I’ve carried my old CDs, trying to keep a little bit of Chile in the place I call home, now.

Singer Nelson Schwenke passed away today after a car accident in Santiago, Chile at 55 years of age.  My thoughts are with his family and his partner in singing.  We have lots to remember him for.

In a beautiful video I can hear his voice and see a little of beautiful southern Chile.  Just like in Valdivia, Portland is raining right now.

Buen viaje.


2 thoughts on “Schwenke y Nilo

  1. monica June 23, 2012 / 3:36 pm

    ¡¡ Que pena !! ¿ verdad? también lo supimos anoche , justamente estamos en Valdivia y llueve y llueve como dice su canción ……

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