Happy swimmer

Last weekend we had Siena’s second swim meet. It was, once again, so much fun.

Getting ready for the warm up swim.

Even synchronized warm up!  These kids are awesome!

Do you see that smile? All throughout the meet… you could see it all the way from up the bleachers!  Just like last meet back in March.

And this is us from the bleachers. We are so lucky we have great friends who got up early and went to see Siena and her team mates, and the other kids swim.  It was really fun.

Because Siena’s favorite stroke is butterfly, I’m going to put her race here (I wish I could swim half the pool this pretty!… I know, sorry, some Mamá bragging here.)

Waiting for their race.

And watching. Supporting each other.

We are watching too.

The last race, from the pool side. Much more fun!

This is the almost complete team.  Minus two of our friends.

And a thank you card.

And a good lunch for us to celebrate the end of another swim season.  Our first one in a team.

And now I will leave you with Siena’s Individual Medley Race.


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