Wild foods hike : Part 2

I think spring might be arriving.  We’ve had two sunny days in a row. Does that count as spring?  I’m excited. Though I don’t mind the rain, I like sunny cooler days, and I don’t want to miss spring.  Summer I’m sure will arrive soon enough. But spring…. I do like spring.

We went on a “Wild Plants Hike” few weekends ago, in a not-so-spring-lik day, but still a fun day.   We went with some folks from Cascadia Wild and we learned so much.  We saw lots.  We met new people. We fell in the muck. It was a complete and ‘wild’ day.  These are the rest of the photos, after my first post last week.

(Just remember, not all of these photos are edible plants, and not always the whole plant.)

Bed Straw.

Wild lettuce.

Horsetail.  Old and new plants.

Hedge Nettle.  Edible.

It looks so much like mint, with the square stems.

Elderberry.  Edible berries.

Plantain.  Edible and great for cuts or nettle stings. Great to know and learn to recognize in hikes and in probably in your own backyard!


Windflower.  Poisonous, anemonie.

Vanilla Leaf.

Oxalis or wood sorrel.

And we ended with time for lunch.

We gathered some wild plants.

Photo by Mark.
Photo by Mark.

So good.  It was good to meet everyone.  Good and fun to gather plants to have side dish (added balsamic vinegar and olive oil.)  Good to learn so much.

Hoping we’ll do more outings like that with these great folks, I’d love to keep learning from them.  And also I’m hoping we can do this more with my own family, and continue to learn and make more wild-plants-salads!

Note: Again.  Please. PLEASE! Always know which plant you are picking before you eat it.  My notes here are just that. Notes and pretty pictures.  They are NOT meant to be a field guide by any means. I am just learning, and I would not want you to eat the wrong plant and get ill.  Take a field guide.  Better yet, go out with someone you know, who knows about wild plants.  As we did. We shared notes, knowledge, and me, especially, am just starting to learn about wild plants. So please, always, always, be safe first.


2 thoughts on “Wild foods hike : Part 2

    • naturallyfundays : marcela June 12, 2012 / 9:46 pm

      Good point, Mudpieville! There is so much information and so much to learn that as I said above, make sure you are going out with someone knowledgable if you are just starting. But it is so much fun!
      By the way. Thank you for stopping by.

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