Portland Starlight Parade

8:30 pm, the Parade begins.

You saw us getting ready and waiting for the Parade.  Now, here it is.

Everybody has so much fun.  I love it.

Our ‘parade neighbors‘.



This sign at the end of this Marching Band says a lot. “Please Support Music Programs Like this One.”

What will we do with out them?

For me, it is a big reason why I go to this parade.  To see the Marching Bands! And see the kids playing all the instruments, and letting my kids see other kids playing in a parade.  Though we homeschool, I feel that schools need to have music and arts. Yes! We all do.  It makes us a better person.  A better world.

It’s late and we are getting tired.  But the best it’s yet to come.

See them here a little bit:

And I have to finish with a video, a band.  It is my favorite.  What I waited for the whole evening. I do love this band, every year, it’s always fun to see them go by.  Enjoy!

Have a good weekend, wherever you are.


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