Portland Starlight Parade : Getting Ready

This is our tradition.  I was looking at last year’s post and realized I am not comfortable saying this.  We’ve gone to the Rose Festival’s Starlight Parade the past 6 years, and I’d say that’s a good amount of time to say something is a tradition.  But we are not really crowd people, so it’s hard to think we have a crowd-filled tradition.

But anyways.  It is, and we were there last weekend, ready to enjoy our evening.

I love walking around early before the parade.

As everyone arrives to meet their groups or bands, and start to get ready.

(I do love these drums…. here parked in the blocks, ready to be played, and even more fun to see them doing music in the parade… wait and see their video I took! I think it was my favorite group that night.)

(If I was in a parade, this would be me…)

Then came the firefighters.

We have a special love for them.

Lucas seems to stop his breathing when we see a firefighter, or we are up close to them.  As if wanting to stop time, for this special moment.  When one of the fireman invited Lucas to go on top of this ‘bed’ Lucas wasn’t so sure.  We waited.  lucas thought for a while.  But decided to go, not so certain of his decision yet.  He didn’t have to.  But he really wanted to.

And we saw his smile as he ends his second throw up on the air.  He was excited and so happy he had done it.

And Siena, as you can see loves it.  She’s done it before, I think the past two years, here at the same parade. She was waiting for this moment.  Can you see her face filled with enjoyment?

People are ready for the parade to start.

We are ready.

It’s getting dark.  We are all excited.


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