Tutorial : Our garden wishes

Looking on how to do our Earth Day Prayer Flags, I found Maya’s Garden Wish Flags.  I thought it was such a neat idea, that I shared it with my family, and we sat down one day to make ours.

So I set everything outside one pretty sunny day.  Some boards to draw on (our table has big slots), the flags, fabric markers, and some books with inspirations, in case someone needed them.

First, like our Earth Day Prayer Flags I used an old sheet and cut them in rectangles the seize I wanted them to hang.  Then I folded about 2 inches on top to make a little pocket, to pass the binding through, that we used for hanging the flags.

Then we drew.  We actually first talked about what we wanted for our garden and then we drew.

We used fabric markers this time, instead of paints. We have a few different kinds, we’ve used in other projects in the past years.  Some of these markers and some of these.

After we were all done drawing, I set them with the iron, and we passed through a piece of binding I found in some of our thrifting trips.  Green this time, hoping for lots of greens in our garden.

I think they looks so cute.

Thank you Maya for another great inspiration!  I love looking in our backyard and seeing these flags wave with the wind, and decorate and inspire my days.  I wonder if there’s another place we need these flags…


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