Something wonderful

… I held my breath

as we do


to stop time

when something wonderful

has touched us…

These words by Mary Oliver from her poem called Snow Geese (from this book) makes me think.  Makes me think of all those moments.  Those moments where I want to make sure I remember them later.  Later today, tomorrow,  later in life.  Those moments where I take a photograph so I can remember them, and remember that stillness, that wonderful something.  There are so many of them.

This past weekend, we decided to do some spring cleaning, and as we go through our boxes put away up in the attic, I find the ones labeled ‘sentimental.’

I look through the contents.  Dolls and their dresses from when I was a kid.  Photos from high school years. Books I read in college. So many memories from Chile.  Letters from friends.  Notes and hand written letters from my mom since we’ve moved to the US (18 years ago), with newspaper cuttings, stickers, letters to Siena and Lucas, jokes, news.

I also find the letters from Mark in high school and college, from our very long long-distance love, when email, texting, and Facebook didn’t exist yet.  When our communication and love was shared over the phone and hand written letters.  It’s from those years when I looked for pretty stamps to put on my hand written letters for him.  Those days when we had to wait to receive news and information.  Still, filled with anticipation and love.

More things and memories overflow these boxes. My uniform from high school is also there. Mark’s diaries from high school and his trips to Chile. Photos from his childhood. Newspapers from 1960’s his grandpa kept.  Mark’s Boy Scout’s handbook and his badges earned. A pinewood derby car. His mitt.

As Mark recollects his baseball days with this mitt and tells me some stories, we stop.  We look at each other and smile. Lucas needs a bigger mitt and he would love to have his Papá’s mitt.  Who wouldn’t, right?  It was meant to be.  Soft, worn out, bloody nose stain and all. Filled with catches already, filled with stories, ready for some more.

A wonderful moment I don’t want to forget.  I’ll take more pictures later.  But for now, I’ll hold my breath for a moment.


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