Making : calendula salve

We’ve started cleaning our garden, to get it ready to plant and transplant all the seeds that Siena has started.

As every year, our calendula plants are spread all over our vegetable garden, and they look beautiful! I love seeing them in the winter, with their greens so strong, ready to flower as soon as they can.

We’ve never done anything with them but admire them and place them in vases for some fresh cut flowers to enjoy throughout our house.  But I checked out this book from the library a while ago and found a recipe for calendula salve I thought we’d try.  The Essential Herbal for Natural Health by Holly Bellebuono is a great book.  So good! Lucas and Siena gave it to me for Mother’s Day, I’m so excited to have it on hand now whenever we need it.

With Siena’s love for making all things at home, especially with wild plants, didn’t take us long to get started.

Mix equal parts of fresh calendula flowers and olive oil.  Warm on stove in very low heat for about 20 minutes.

Pass through the colander to keep the liquid without the flowers.

Put it back on the stove on low heat to melt some beeswax with it.

Let it cool a little.  Pour it onto a jar and enjoy!  My hands have felt better since we made it, they’ve been very dry.  I love how it feels.  Siena does too.  We are enjoying our salve, and Siena has a little travel size for her days out. Mmm, so good.  Look at the color!  If I could only smell…

Seeing that our calendula is flowering like crazy, with our rain and sunshine, and also some requests from Siena, I’m looking for more salves or good things to make with calendula.

I’ve also read that is better to use dried flowers instead of fresh, because they tend to get moldy quicker.  So we are drying some flowers and some petals as well, separate, to give it a try on different recipes.

I’ve found these recipes too that we’d like to try:

Oh… we are having so much fun.


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