Making : water cycle

With spring all around us, bees swarming, planting seeds for months now, Earth Day in our mind, we’ve talked a lot about caring for our planet, our home.

We’ve read lots of books trying to learn new things, understand what we see every day, learning as we live our days.

We read about the water cycle and Siena wanted to do a diorama of it.  So she worked on it with what we had on hand.

We all talked about it and it seems that we all understand it pretty well, and Siena loved making it a lot more visual for us.  It’s great.


We were wondering how much salt does the ocean have.  And if we were to use a cup of water, how much salt is it compared to the ocean?

We looked, and we found out that it was about one and half tablespoon of salt to a cup of water.  So we decided to do two experiments.

1- Put two cups of this salty water in the greenhouse, as it would be in real life, the Earth. And see how long it takes to evaporate the water to get salt. We put it for a week, and we saw:

  • that if we put the cup with salty water covered with plastic wrap, it evaporated quicker than the one without the plastic cover, but it wasn’t a lot (we had cold, winter-like days.)
  • the evaporated water was on the outside of the cup, still inside the jug, because it has a plastic cover.
  • this water (evaporated outside the cup but inside the jug) was still salty.

2- Then we put one jar of this salty water back in the greenhouse without the plastic cover, and we want to see how long it takes to evaporate all.  We’ll see.


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