A dream come true

Lucas has been dreaming of playing baseball since last summer.  All of his playing now a days are about baseball, as well as his learning.  He’s always holding his mitt and a ball.  Inside the house a tennis ball (by Mamá’s request), outside is a baseball.  Every day, everything around him is baseball.

He’s always been interested in sports, and loves playing with (any) ball.  But last summer, he started thinking more seriously about baseball.  We went to see their friend play a few games, and to put it in Lucas’s words:  h-e    i-s    a-w-e-s-o-m-e  !

Our friend went to play with Lucas and Mark to the park few times last summer, and Lucas couldn’t have enough of that.  Soon after, we left to India.  But Lucas talked and dreamed of his baseball play dates at the park with his friend almost every day while we were in India.  Not many people there knew how top play baseball, but Lucas was always ready to teach them.  And he did, to few friends, and teachers.

He left his bat and a ball we took to India, to leave at the school in case someone else wants to practice and play.  It was a special moment for Lucas.  Hard for a little soul like him to leave something so dear, but also made him feel that he was leaving something very special for the friends (students and teacher) he made.  He was excited.

We came home and then we still had to wait some more to play.  We signed up for him to be in a team, chose a number and a name for his shirt.

But still, we had to wait for spring to start practice.  He had never played in a formal team before, and Lucas couldn’t wait. (I told about his first day, here.)

Almost a year after Lucas decided he wanted to play in a baseball team, he was playing in a field with new friends.  A really long time for a 5 and 6 year old.  A long time for anybody really, who’s been waiting for something so special.

Two weeks into T-Ball practice, the coach thought he should move up to play in Farm Ball instead, because my little guy is awesome.  (OK, I’m his mom, but I think the conversation went something like that, or at least that’s what I heard!)

So he did move to a new team.  A hard thing to do when you have just started something new.  Lucas thought it would be good too.  So we switched.

Picture Day came and it was fun at the park with everyone who’s playing in the league.  Lucas told me the day before he didn’t know if he could sleep, he was so excited for this day.

He’s all smiles.  He loves every minute of it.

Siena throws some balls while we watch Lucas in a game.

More excitement came two days later when his first game came.  Lucas told me again he didn’t think he could sleep, again.  First game, he was ready early that morning.  He wore his uniform, changed to ‘regular’ clothes, changed back to uniform all day long.  He was so excited.  The Day had finally arrived.  Here we were.  Game day.

We met old friends.

We met new friends.

We are all here.  Many parents are teaching, coaching, watching, helping from the side line.  We are all enjoying our time.

Some of us are making things.


And some of us are watching the game, even with mitt in hand.

We are here with Lucas (and lots of other happy kids), playing baseball. For real.

We count days until the next game, every day.  We talk about baseball every day, all day.

My goodness.  It has been so much fun for this little guy of mine. So much for someone so young, and he is loving every single minute of it.  Every day, he breathes baseball. He sleeps with his mitt.  He sleeps with his cap.  He holds his mitt and a ball most of his waking hours.  And is ready to play catch when Papá gets home.

I’m wishing for sunnier days so he doesn’t have to worry about getting rained out games.  He wants so bad to be out there playing, being in the field, learning with his team and coach and his Papá.

We are all here with him.  Enjoying and breathing baseball.  Myself, never been really into baseball and I didn’t grow up watching it either, I am learning it in quick steps, and having fun with Lucas.

I love this little guy of mine, he’s loving these days, his first real baseball days.  His dream came true.  He’s here.   Playing, in a real baseball field, with a real bat and ball, in a team.  All of us are enjoying seeing him so happy.  What a beautiful dream!


3 thoughts on “A dream come true

  1. Catherine Forest May 8, 2012 / 5:34 am

    It is so sweet to see him beaming with joy. Too many children today do not know the satisfaction of waiting for something… but it is indeed magical when it happens and you have been dreaming of it for so long! Have a wonderful summer, Lucas!

  2. Glenda Miller May 8, 2012 / 5:33 pm

    Wonderful story; wonderful pictures (wonderful boy!)

    • naturallyfundays : marcela May 9, 2012 / 12:23 pm

      Thank you Glendie…. He is wonderful and I’m lucky to see him grow and be so happy. I love it!

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