After spending our morning at the CASEE Center seeing frogs, tadpoles, salamanders and other creatures for Critter Count, we went back to the Water Resources Education Center   to see the reptile show, Creature Feature.  It was fun.

Steve, from Creature Feature, shared how these creatures he brought, knowing that even they know him well (he cares for them as pets), he can do things that will bring them back to their wild nature, and attack when they feel threaten.  As pet owners he said, we need to know that.

But then he knows what makes them calm down, and come back to their normal pet, docile creatures, when threats have passed.

We saw a cobra that had her venom receptacle removed, so he felt he could share her in the show he has.

You can see a short video about her:

And other snakes he brought.

He kept saying that these creatures are from the wild, and though they are his pets, he’s always paying attention and keeps an eye on them during the show, or when he handles them.  He was very interesting to listen to.  I had fun.

This one I thought was the prettiest snake he brought and that I have ever seen.

He also brought a rattle snake that he handled with a snake hook.

You can hear the rattle from a safe place, in this video:

And then we got to touch a (non venomous, of course) snake.

I was taking pictures with a zoom.  Lucas was with Mark a little behind.

Siena was ready.

I love that she’s so calm with it.

Siena was ready for the alligator too. (Sorry it’s a little blurry.)

It was a fun weekend.


One thought on “Reptiles

  1. Monica April 26, 2012 / 2:16 pm

    ¡¡¡ Que feos esos bichos !!! no los tocaría por nada en el mundo …. y Siena con su color favorito hasta en la serpientes : el rosado …… que tengan un buen fin de semana …

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