Making : stinging nettle gnocchi + a quilt for my dad + pillows for our table + more

We’ve been making few things.  Here’s a show and tell:

  • Spinach gnocchis with the same recipe than the stinging nettle gnocchis we made few weeks ago, but this time the sauce was butter and pecans.

  • I also decided to make cushions for our dining table chairs.  We’ve had this table and chairs for more than 15 years, and I think now, we need some cushions.

I pulled out the batik fabrics I had, and added another pretty color I found at the store, with some recycled fabric for the back.

We each made our own pattern.

I put a tie in the back corners to hold them on the chair, made out of binding I had found at the thrift store a while back.

And they mostly stay put on the chairs.

*** Ahora.  Papá si estás leyendo esto y aún no te llega el paquete con tu regalo de cumpleaños, no sigas leyendo. ***

  • This quilt I made for my dad’s birthday.

I love the fabric and the colors so much, from the quilt I made for our bed, that I decided to use most of the same colors and design for my dad’s.

(I should have iron it before taking the picture!)

It was packaged and sent to the other side of the world.  Down to Temuco, in Chile.

  • Shrinky dinks made by Siena.

  • These are made by Lucas.

  • These are tiny pillows made by Siena, for everyone in the house and goody bags for a tiny party Siena and Lucas planned.

This Mamá is sewing (see the big spools with thread?)

Members of the house.

Party-goers celebrating.


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